What Are The Best Lotto Games To Play?

There are what seems like an endless number of lotto games available for people to play. Which games are the best and which offer the best possible chance of winning? Well, there may be some individual preference involved, but if you want better chances at winning you need to find games where the odds are in your favor. For example, if the odds of one game are 1-in-100 million and a second game offers odds of 1-in-15 million, it would make sense to pick the second if you want a better chance at winning.

With all of the games that exist, take a simple 6/49 lotto game as an example. Players have to match six numbers from a number pool of digits ranging from 1 through 49. The probability of selecting the correct six numbers is 1 in 14 million, since there are 14 million possible combinations of six numbers that can be drawn. Look for 6/49 games where you can get two tickets for one low price. This will essentially double your odds and give you a 1-in-7 million chance of winning. These are the types of games you want to look for.

You can further increase your odds of winning by playing games like Pick 3 and Pick 4. In these games, you will pick three or four numbers, zero through nine. You can play straight, where you have to pick the numbers in correct order, or you can box, where you pick the digits and win if they are chosen regardless of the order they appear. These games have lower payouts but offer a higher chance of winning.

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